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hello guys!

We just released our party butter - which is super gorgeous and we thoroughly recommend yall go check it out for yourselves! It was definitely a long-winded process to formulate this, but we finally mastered our ingredients and created the perfect non-greasy, skin-softening formula. We would love to expand our butter collection, though, and release more colours/scents! Something we have in mind is maybe a bedtime butter with relaxing scents?? would yall be interested in something like that?? even if you don't have the courage to comment your thoughts on that, we will post an anonymous poll on instagram so you can voice your opinion!  

On another note of good news, we also just released our autumn collection (for the second year in a row). YES this is our second autumn at Lotus Beauty and we are so excited for it.... stay tuned for a potential Black Friday sale!!! There are some old glosses that made an appearance, but also some new glosses mixed in there too! Check it out!

anyways, that was just a bundle of good news... stay tuned for more info on any Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more exclusive updates and offers!

lots of love,

lotus beauty founder/ceo

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