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black friday

hello, beautiful!

wowza second post let's jump right into the good stuff. so, this past week we were working on finding some more members to join our very cool team. it's honestly such a fun job working for a small business. its such a vibe. anyways, that's not the reason for this post! I was thinking about black friday and where on earth I was going to put all of the info and then I remembered we started a cute blog - which would be the perfect place to write all of this infoooo. also, you may notice that I am now talking with the word 'I' rather than 'we'. I really want to build a connection with all of the viewers! 

SO! Black friday is very very soon and we have a bunch of sales and fun stuff like that ready so now we are just going to give the rundown of everything:

- almost everything is going to be discounted

- we will have 2 other discounts that you will have to do yourself. however, you can only do one discount at once (annoying, right). Sooo, you will have to choose between buying 3 glosses and getting one free or getting a newcomer discount if it is your first time buying from us. for the newcomer discount, there will be a popup (hopefully). No need to worry about the initial discount because they will already be applied. it shouldn't be too hard of a decision between the two discount codes though. First time shopping? use the newcomer discount. Buy 3 glosses? use the buy 3 get one free discount. Both? play eenie meenie miny moe.

ok then, that is enough talking from me! go have fun and enjoy the rest of the day, maybe even buy a gloss or two (wink wink)

ok bye :)


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