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A Holiday Update

hello guys!

We hope that you are doing well. As we are getting ready for the holidays and Christmas, we have a few updates for yall. First off, we have our Christmas collection up and running with some of your favorites that you know and love with a slight twist. We have also given our store a complete holiday makeover and tweaked our logo a bit! We hope that you like everything we have done with it.

Secondly, we have just introduced our gift wrapping for the holiday season that we hope will save a lot of time for you, so you can gift our products as soon as they reach your home! There are multiple options to choose from - just make sure to read the disclaimer. All of it will be wrapped in tissue paper as it is a little better for the environment. 

We have also just announced our discount advent calendar! We will be having discounts every day from the 16th of December all the way until 25th! We will be having an instagram story and post each day of the advent calendar for more info, so make sure to follow us there! If we get a chance then we will definitely release a rundown of each discount every day, but as the holiday season is here, we are having a lot of orders so we are very busy at the moment.

This leads me to the last point of being patient. Post offices are being delayed, we are getting lots of orders and the world is very crazy right now. So, we are just asking you all to be patient with all of the processes. 

Ok thank you guys for reading all of that - believe me I know that was a lot. Love you lots,

bye xx

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  • Wow, I am so excited for all of this! Can’t wait to purchase during the advent calendar days.


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