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Hi Guys!

Here is a little blog update since we haven't posted in a while. We have been working extremely hard on creating content for our instagram and brainstorming new products over the past few months, so there hasn't been as much blogging as we wanted....

HOWEVER we are here now and super excited for this summer! We have 2 SALES planned and one of them is actually going on right now. It is a sitewide discount and you can use the code SUMMERSALE for a whopping 20% off all products. The sale lasts until midnight (GMT) on the 22nd of July! HAPPY SHOPPING!! We have another sale planned for later on this summer - which will be a BOGO gloss (very exciting).

If you guys haven't checked out our instagram just go to @lotuscosmeticss where we discuss exclusive offers and news about our business. We ran into some issues with instagram shop, but we are trying to sort that out at the moment.

We are also in the process of restocking some of yalls fave glosses and products! You guys really seemed to like the lash and brow serum since it sold out within a matter of days! 

We are SO EXCITED for everything to come, but we can't expose it all yet ;)

Lots of love.

Stay safe and healthy,

The lotus beauty founder and CEO - Devi

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